Music Production

Create Music, Sound Recordings or FX, following a tailored brief and using only the best equipment. No matter how big or small your project is get in touch to discuss your requirements. Also provide Music for Media such as, Web Design, Graphic Design, Virtual Media, Advertisement, Photography, Videos, Animation, Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, Video Games, Computer Games, TV Adverts, TV Programmes, Documentaries and Films.

Vocal Recording

Recording sessions available to record Vocals, Instruments, Ad-Libs, Jingles or Ident. Record over a selected track of your choice or one can be created for you beforehand, with one of our special packages. Industry standard recording gear will be used, to make sure you go away with a high quality, clean and polished recording. Everything will then be edited for you and professionally mixed down.

Sound Engineering

Manipulate your recording using Equalisation, Electronic effects, Reproduction and Special Effects. Incorporate separate Instruments, Vocals and other sounds, then combine these sounds later during the mixing or post-production stage. Able to Mix and edit your Music, Dialogue, Voices or Sound Effects for Live performances or Pre-recorded events.

EQ & Mixing

Using the most advanced music production software, provided is a fine level of frequency control over your project, bringing it to life. By adding EQ to your audio it will give it that extra edge. Special effects will then be mixed into your recordings such as Reverb, Delay, Flanger and Filters. Finally all the EQ and volume levels for your audio will be carefully tweaked and mixed.

DJ Entertainment

Cater for a wide range of events by supplying a high quality DJ service. It could be anything from Kids Parties to Public or Corporate Events. Professional Decks, DJ Equipment and Speakers are used. A vast music collection is also provided to suit all needs. If you are looking for a great entertainment service for your event, get in touch now for a quote.

Live Sound

General Sound Tech such as setting up Microphones, Live equipment, Live Instruments and PA systems can be provided. Also perform sound checks for any Live Performances. In addition to this managing the audio volumes and sound quality at your Live Events.